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Energy Storage

Since the inception of renewable energy technology, one of the main counterpoints to its effectiveness from its natural resource rivals was it’s inability to compensate for peak usage demands, as well provide a stable solution during unpredictable, or variable weather events, e.g. lower wind speeds or irradiance. Within the last 5 years technology manufacturing leaders have solved this issue by deploying energy storage systems alongside it’s variable generation assets.


SPS has been involved since the beginning.


The solution is here now, and immediately scalable. Not only are we excited, and capable of offering Energy Storage/Microgrid and Variable Generation Firming, we’ve been here a long time and have waited to deploy this solution alongside your existing or new power system. Our Principals assisted in the development and deployment of these strategies. 


Absolute Energy independence is next, and here’s our solution. Let’s get together and deploy a smart system with the right Energy Storage technology alongside your asset.  We’ve been making our own power for as long as renewable power generation existed. Let’s put it in a box for a rainy day.


Preventative Maintenance

  • Performance auditing, reporting, and rectification

  • PM Inspections

  • Battery Module Inspections

  • IR Survey Inspections

  • Substation/Generation Station maintenance programs

  • Transformer Testing & Reporting

  • Relay & Metering Testing & Calibration


Corrective Maintenance

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

  • Rapidly deployable plant recovery services

  • Battery Module replacement

  • LV & MV Services

  • Metering, relay, inverter, etc. calibrating

  • RMA Services

  • Communications, DAS, SCADA diagnostic and repairs

  • Site grounds management

  • Vegetation Control



  • Interconnection Site Acceptant Testing & Utility Submittal

  • LV & MV Cable Testing

  • Transformer & Equipment Testing

  • Electromechanical Inspections

  • As-built verification

  • Equipment commissioning

  • Site operation procedure development 

  • MV Switching Operations

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