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Whether your Class A, B, or C Commercial Building, Industrial Manufacturing Facility, or Utility asset is outdated, in outage or disrepair, or you’re looking to lead the global charge in energy independence, Sierra Power Services provides exceptional full scope electrical contracting services.



Properly maintaining your commercial property and its electrical equipment is only possible with the right team. SPS has decades of experience in keeping commercial asset power systems alive and thriving, 24hrs a day..

Solar Panels

Solar PV

Our cutting edge Photovoltaic Energy services range from initial feasibility studies, performance consulting, and reporting, to operating and maintenance of your existing array. Our approach is as a partner with the customers intentions and priorities managed at the top..



Whether your Industrial facility or Utility Asset is in need of restoration, repair, or the designing and implementation of an intuitive preventative maintenance program, SPS addresses these critical electrical issues and more from the point of interconnection and beyond..

tesla concept storage.jfif

Battery Storage

The solution is here now, and immediately scalable. With these assets aging and high availability guarantees, SPS can rapidly deploy to ensure system reliability..



We specialize in the technology around energy independence, and we do this in all sectors. This decision starts with you and your family, in your home. Whether your interested in solar, batteries, or complete energy independence. SPS has the expertise to help you begin this journey..

ev charging.jpg

EV Charging

Whether you're planning on installing, or have installed a Class I, II, or III EV Charger, there will come a time when its efficiency and general performance needs service..

“We are in the business of partnering with stakeholders to ensure their assets are exceeding reliability by implementing exceptional O&M standards. Less down time ensures asset reliability and satisfied customers, something we take pride in here at Sierra Power Services.”

Blayne Drinnen, President - Founder

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