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Whether your Class A, B, or C Commercial Building, Industrial Manufacturing Facility, or Utility asset is outdated, in outage or disrepair, or you’re looking to lead the global charge in energy independence, Sierra Power Services provides exceptional full scope electrical contracting services.


We address critical electrical service issues from the point of utility interconnection throughout your entire facility. This could be replacing outdated or failed Main Panel equipment, upgrading feeders and associated pathways for new air handling equipment, commissioning your Medium-High Voltage Equipment, or troubleshooting nuisance lighting or power circuits throughout your spaces. We can handle it.


SPS also offers Specialty Services. Your insurance provider may provide rebates or incentives if you can provide Electro-Mechanical Thermographic Surveys and intuitive Reporting. We use Industry Leading (FLIR) imaging technology and reporting software for this function. By providing these cutting edge IR reports on your major electro-mechanical equipment and supported systems, not only can you see cost savings benefits, and Energy savings, but SPS can pro-actively address near term electrical failures without the safety concerns, or critical downtime associated with catastrophic incidents.


Our Project Managers, Electricians, and Field Engineers are vetted by the principals here at SPS. We are troubleshooters and system improvers. Our team is supported, continuously Safety trained, Electrically Qualified and Certified, and outfitted with the modern tooling and equipment needed to troubleshoot and accurately repair any electrical issue within your asset.


Preventative Maintenance

  • Performance Inspections, reporting, & remediation

  • Preventative Maintenance Program Development

  • Equipment Site Acceptance Testing & Reporting

  • Relay, Metering, Equipment, Calibration & Reporting

  • Outage Services


Corrective Maintenance

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

  • LV & MV Services

  • Relay & Metering repairs

  • Troubleshooting & Repairing system Issues

  • 3rd Party Incident Investigation and Reporting


Special Services

  • Interconnection Site Acceptant Testing & Utility Submittal

  • LV & MV Validation Testing

  • Thermographic IR Surveys & Reporting

  • Site Safety Plans

  • Outage, Switching, LOTO Services

  • Electro-Mechanical Commissioning

  • As-Built Verifications

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