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Aurora Distributed Solar - 150MW 

The 150 MWdc Aurora Solar plant located in Minnesota began operations in 2017. It consists of 16 different sites and can generate over 210 million kWh annually, equivalent to the energy consumption needs of over 17,000 US households, while avoiding CO2 emissions of over 150,000 tons into the atmosphere each year.

Copper Mountain Solar I-IV - 500MW

The Copper Mountain Solar Facility is a 552 megawatt (MWAC) solar photovoltaic power plant in Boulder City, Nevada. It uses approximately 9 million cadmium telluride modules. When the first unit of the facility entered service on December 1, 2010, it was the largest photovoltaic plant in the U.S. at 58 MW. It is co-located with the 64 MW Nevada Solar One, 150 MW Boulder Solar, and 300 MW Techren Solar projects in the Eldorado Valley, thus forming a more than 1 gigawatt (GW) solar generating complex. By comparison, generating capacity at the nearby Hoover Dam is about 2 GW.

Moss Landing BESS - 730MWh

Able to dispatch up to 730 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy to the electrical grid at a maximum rate of 182.5 MW for up to four hours using lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology . PG&E will have the option to upgrade Moss Landing’s capacity to bring the system up to 1.2-gigawatt-hours which could power every home in San Francisco for six hours.

Amazon Distribution EV Charger Project

In support of The Climate Pledge, and in Partnership with Rivian for development of their 1st generation EV delivery vehicle, Amazon installed over 500 Class II EV Charging Points and supporting infrastructure at their recently developed Fulfillment Center in Oakley, CA.

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