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EV Charging

With more and more incentives and rebates motivating us to move toward Electric Vehicles, and away from traditional gas combustion engines, it's no doubt there's a new infrastructure being deployed alongside it, and right now.


Whether you're planning on installing, or have installed a Class I, II, or III EV Charger, there will come a time when its efficiency and general performance begins failing. Sierra Power Services is steeped in regional EV system performance history having installed, commissioned or serviced well over 500 Class II/III EV Chargers, from the world's leading suppliers.


The Electric Vehicle boom isn't a new one, and we're beginning to see a wave of aging EV charging assets in need of repair, replacement or reconditioning. Not only can SPS handle these aspects, but we are the specialists in the matter.  Give us a call, or reach out and we’ll assist in both the site assessment, technology selection, installation, commissioning and all your future operational or service needs.


So, whether you’re a smaller business looking to add value for your clients and employees, or a larger operation trying to take advantage of specific program incentives, SPS is your preferred partner.  Sierra Power Services work alongside the World’s leading EV Charge Station manufacturers and local Utilities to ensure you have the right support for your system.


Preventative Maintenance

  • Performance auditing, reporting, and rectification

  • PM Inspections

  • IR Survey Inspections

  • Transformer Testing & Reporting

  • Equipment Testing & Calibration

  • Component replacement


Corrective Maintenance

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

  • Rapidly deployable site recovery services

  • LV & MV Services

  • Metering, relay, inverter, etc. troubleshooting & repair

  • Equipment retrofits



  • Interconnection Site Acceptant Testing & Utility Submittal

  • LV & MV Cable Testing

  • Transformer & Equipment Testing

  • Electromechanical Inspections

  • As-built verification

  • Equipment commissioning

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