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The SPS Solar team utilizes its experiences serving business and utility customers to tailor effective solar solutions in your business space. These spaces, as well our experiences, range many industries.  Utility flagship Solar installations, Agricultural processing facilities, Wineries and their supporting vineyards, biotech, high-tech, and other commercial and industrial sectors are just the start of what we've been involved in.  Our subject matter experts are deployed depending on their individual sector experience and will work alongside your internal operations to ensure customer unique solutions are deployed.

Those services may range from initial performance consulting, and reporting, to operating and maintenance of an existing aging asset. Our approach is to handle each project uniquely, as a partner, and with the customers intentions and priorities managed at the top. In this, we have maximized the performance of our customers solar installations across a myriad of industries. The success of your asset is therefore inherently attached to our ability to perform our function.

Our team is dedicated to helping our business customers reduce, and or offset their operating costs, increase their solar performance, and extend the life of their system utilizing the Solar Industries latest technology and reporting tools. Ultimately, reducing the carbon footprint of industries in these spaces provides a pathway for a more sustainable future.


Preventative Maintenance

  • Performance auditing, reporting, and rectification

  • PM Inspections

  • IV Curve Tracing

  • IR Survey Inspections

  • Substation/Generation Station maintenance programs

  • Transformer Testing & Reporting

  • Relay & Metering Testing & Calibration


Corrective Maintenance

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

  • Rapidly deployable plant recovery services

  • LV & MV Services

  • Metering, relay, inverter, etc. calibrating

  • RMA Services

  • Communications, DAS, SCADA diagnostic and repairs

  • Site grounds management

  • Vegetation Control



  • Interconnection Site Acceptant Testing & Utility Submittal

  • LV & MV Cable Testing

  • Transformer & Equipment Testing

  • Electromechanical Inspections

  • As-built verification

  • Equipment commissioning

  • Site operation procedure development 

  • MV Switching Operations

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